Our Story

Disability is an asset for business and entrepreneurship.

Our Mission

We support entrepreneurs with disabilities. We harness their innate entrepreneurship skills to help them achieve their employment goals.

This work moves us closer to a world where people with disabilities are recognized Master of Industries. It moves us closer to a world where disability is internationally valued as an asset for business and entrepreneurship.

The One

Disability is the one minority group any of us can become part of at any time.

By the Numbers

1 Bil

1 Billion people have a disability making disabled people the largest minority in the world.

By the Numbers


More than $150 billion is lost in tax revenue annually due to limited utilization of disabled people in the workforce.

By the Numbers


The jobless rate for disabled Americans soared to 18.9% in April (almost double the rate of non-disabled people).

Our Board

Like many startups, we pivoted many times. Here is a bit of our history.


2Gether-International is launched.


Ran workshops to educate students about disabilities.


Launched advocacy campaigns, run by and for disabled people.


Hoping to reduce disability unemployment, we tested a campaign on entrepreneurship and disability.


Found our fit, fostering disability pride and identity through entrepreneurship.