Disability Startup Network

Our program turns the innate entrepreneurship mindset of people with disabilities into a workforce development strategy.

Our Program

People with disabilities are innately entrepreneurially minded.

Our Strategy

We harness the innate entrepreneurship skills of disabled people to help them reach their employment goals.

We begin with each participant's individual ideas and goals, and use a strength-based approach to allow each person to tap into their own wisdom and create a business that recognizes disability as a competitive advantage rather than a weakness, ultimately turning disabled people into active drivers of change rather than passive recipients of services.

From the moment disabled people wake up, they have to figure out how to get dressed, how to drive, how to communicate, how to live in a world that is not build to fit their needs. The mindset of disabled people is innately: collaborative and communicative, oriented towards problem solving, good at working with limited resources and used to overcoming daily challenges.

Our program turns the innate entrepreneurship mindset of people with disabilities into a workforce development strategy. By working on their own startup, disabled entrepreneurs learn different aspects of the workforce. They also gain first hand experience in building managing and growing a company.

Accessible Business Education

These are business workshops through which our members learn and apply the Lean Startup Methodology. What makes these workshops unique is they are accessible to all disabilities.

2Gether-International offers 12-week structured curriculum with a selected cohort that covers topics like financial planning, pitching, developing metrics and KPIs, finding product-market fit, etc. There are regular check-ins and midpoint evaluations to track the program.

Peer-to-Peer Meetups

These are facilitated discussion groups where disabled entrepreneurs crowdsource solutions to their startup challenges.

2Gether-International operates regular peer meetups between cohort participants to discuss programs, work through problems, and support each other's goals and ideas. The network is also open to interested non-cohort individuals.

Peer-to-Peer Coaching

These are sessions where our members meet one-on one with a fellow entrepreneur who is further along in their startup and can serve as a mentor. 2Gether-International provides one-on-one coaching from mentors with experience in entrepreneurship along with biweekly coaching sessions guided by participants to achieve personalized targets.

Supportive Network

We recognize that Disabled Entrepreneurs face unique challenges when working on a startup. We actively work to establish partnerships with organizations that can provide other services outside of entrepreneurship support.